Crystal Skulls


Whether they are Mayan or Aztec, crystal skulls cross the ages and continue to fascinate. Find the most beautiful of them on American Skull. This collection offers you a colorful and spiritual decoration!


The reputation of crystal skulls in the world is well known. These representations of human skulls in rock crystal are very popular with antique enthusiasts. But not only! They have also conquered the hearts of the most fanatical of decorative objects with a spiritual dimension. That's why they are so popular today. 😎

Lovers of esotericism can in no way live all their passion without keeping a special attention for these unusual skulls. The history of these skulls goes back several hundred years when Men carved in crystal to make the shape of their ancestors' heads appear. Scientists are unanimous: there are hundreds of them still to be discovered underground!

But for us, there is no question of waiting for new crystal skulls to be discovered! That's why we have created this collection of small skulls to adopt for a decoration as spiritual as colorful.


The legends surrounding these little skulls are numerous. Indiana Jones has made it his obsession, inspired by the story of the 13 crystal skulls and these legends forged over several centuries. True pieces of antiquity that we strive to collect for hundreds of years. These pieces made of rock crystal continue to be talked about and arouse the curiosity of the most passionate! 😈

This tradition of making crystal skulls would date back more than 4,000 years and according to specialists, they hide information about the origin of our existence. The Mayan tribes made them their all-powerful emblems and keep them in their homes as a synonym of prosperity and well-being.


Whether you believe in these legends or not is up to you. But one thing is certain: no one will remain indifferent to these pretty little crystal skulls. They make everyone wonder about them and are just asking to be talked about. The universe of the 12 worlds and its richness are waiting for you to take the first step. Choose yours and feel the power of this divine object!

Most of them are multicolored skulls and give a nice fantasy dimension to the place where they are placed. The ideal place? Definitely on a desk or on a living room cabinet to make your guests talk for sure! Take the plunge today. We recommend you take at least three for a real energy boost.

Check out our rock crystal skulls in multiple sizes, colors and minerals. Feel free to explore each page of the collection as you might find some amazing skulls! A beautiful decorative skull is just what you need.