Skull Bar - Drinkware

Skull bar


 You want a bar and a kitchen out of the ordinary? Tired of soulless objects and accessories? Then welcome to American Skull  and its Skull Bar Collection. Here, we offer you all the most demonic items to make your guests have a good time.


In this collection, we only talk to spirits who have taken wishes for freedom and power. You are welcome only if you wish a devil's style. No tourists here. Beware, because your kitchen may turn into a devilish one. The items you will find in this collection are the following:

  • Skull and crossbones glasses
  • Mugs of hell
  • Devilish molds

Why adopt a hellish style in your kitchen? To stop looking like a lifeless being! Adopting skull and crossbones accessories is not only a way to show your style, but also to show your spiritual strength. You understand that you only have one life and the sight of a human skull in your daily life reminds you every day how important it is to live fully. So step up to one of these right now and feed off the energy.


Here we are talking to the true fanatics of conviviality, those who like to spend a good time with friends with a glass in hand. And why would you serve your guests a hot beverage in a totally unremarkable glass? It's ridiculous. That's why we offer you our skull-shaped glasses, so that your passion can be revealed. Enjoy the compliments of your buddies when you put them on the table. 😎

Wine lovers are not forgotten! Serve your vintage wine in a glass worthy of the name. And what could be more beautiful than a skull and crossbones to receive it with flair... Taste your wine like a true gothic and tell your guests that it's blood! Our skull bottles are also perfect for your strongest whiskey. It's the devil's combination, just be careful not to overuse it! 


Our skull accessories invade your kitchen to make you spend hot moments. Tired of forks, cutlery and plates without any charm? Let your imagination speak and fill your drawers with our skull and cutlery for dinners seeming to happen in hell with the great grim reaper sitting at your table!