Skull Glasses

Don't look common when you take out your glasses and bottles when you invite your friends for a drink... Put your Skull Glasses on the table and enjoy moments from hell while enjoying your favorite cocktails or your demonic whiskey.


There's no need to go through the motions, our skull-shaped glasses are not for everyone... We created them to meet the needs of the most fanatical aperitif drinkers. Not for the once-a-year tourist. If you're one of those free spirits who love to enjoy his drink in a glass that looks like him, welcome to American Skulls!

Here, we talk about freedom, we talk about demonic style, we talk about hell, we talk about skulls! And this collection is particularly close to our hearts because it offers a spirit of conviviality that no other collection in our store offers. And why? Because a glass is appreciated by many. And to do so, there's nothing like adopting a glass that really looks like you. So let our skulls do the talk for you!


Tired of the totally boring and soulless stemware? The transparent, round and charmless glass is not part of you anymore... Because here we suggest you fill your favorite wines into one of our skull glasses. The idea behind this idea of hell you see coming... Drink your wine as you would drink the blood of your enemies, and we love it!

Whether you like great wines and want to enjoy them in a container that looks like you, or you're more of a table decorator, you're in the perfect place. Don't wait any longer to take the first step towards them and you'll see yourself collecting the darkest compliments from your guests. Halloween or not, embrace them all for unforgettable moments.


Whisky fanatic? Are you a lover of strong spirits and want to go to the dark side of the force? This is perfect! Then you're in the collection of your dreams. You can't just take out a plain glass when you invite your friends over for a drink. Now you need the heavy artillery. And that's where our skull glasses come in!

We've already suggested that you slip skull ice cubes into your guests' glasses, but you can take things a lot further by putting the skull directly into their hands. Some will run away, many will greatly appreciate your gesture. So don't wait any longer to garnish your skull bar young rebel! 😈