Our Story


If you're reading these lines, it's probably because you want to know what we do, why we do it or simply discover who we are. With us, there's no room for doubt, we are completely transparent with you.


Our mission is to bring together free spirits that are aware of the value of life and wish to live it to the max.

To do so, we have created this store entirely dedicated to the strong symbol of the skull.

Our products are a true emblem of your image and a guarantee of freedom of conscience and action in our modern society.


This sentence comes from Latin and means "remember that you will die". It expresses the acceptance of our destiny and reflects a certain humility in the face of life's trials.

These few words perfectly represent the state of mind of our brand, which can be found in each of the products in the store.


"Being around the biker/rocker world on a daily basis, I've always had trouble finding products and accessories that fit me.

It is in order to solve this problem and help other people in the same case that I founded American Skulls in 2017.

Now a reference in this universe, the skull store brings together more than 7600 passionate people within the faction."



We wish to offer skull products of the highest quality in the store.

This is why we work exclusively with artisans recognized for their expertise and the finesse of their work.

With us, there is no compromise: high standards come first and only the best products are retained on American Skulls.



Grim Reaper


Welcome to American Skulls and its macabre universe. Our skull store is the best shop of fatal destination. A death store for all fans of Hard Rock, Metal, Gothic or other Bikers. Our common passion? Our taste for risk and difference! Here, you will find a wide range of quality items centered on the theme of " SKULLS" (Skull T-Shirts, Sweats, Mexican Skull Rings, Leggings, Accessories ...).

The fashion and the collections of Mexican skulls or pirates are constantly growing, so I advise you to stay tuned to the latest news. The American Skulls store ships its products in the US (for free) and in the whole world.

If you have any suggestions, questions or partnership requests, send us an e-mail

See you soon, The Grim Reaper 💀