Skull Towels


Want to go for a totally killer style on your summer vacation? Then get your Skull Beach Towel and become the toast of the town as soon as you step on the hot sand. Don't wait and take action young rebel!


Do you want to have an ultra different style and not look like a tourist when you step on the beach in summer? Then welcome to American Skulls! Here, we're talking about difference, we're talking about killer style, we're talking about a totally hot summer... In short, we're talking about the fact that you too should join our ranks by choosing one of our beach towel models.

Join the community of free spirits and make yourself able to live your life perfectly as you want! And yes, choosing a towel with a skull on it to go on vacation is already a true sign of freedom. So take the first step towards one of these and spend your time under the sun in the true style you deserve to have! Whether it's black and white or full of color, your towel is perfect to come and put your enemies down.


 Do you want a style that is for real rebel? Do you want to give your friends a hard time when you take your towel out of your bag? Don't even hesitate and choose a towel with a Mexican skull! These are the most colorful of all time and are far from going unnoticed when one of our team members pulls one out for all to see. 😎

Mexican culture has crossed all borders to invade us with its completely offbeat but above all beautiful skulls! Enjoy all the colors of the many models that our team of designers hastily made for your greatest pleasure. Our favorite? The one you can see just above, the black background model with green, pink and yellow skulls, the perfect combo of a demonic style!


The big trend this summer is to get a towel shape that is completely different! Gone are the days when your favorite beach accessory looks exactly like every other model on the beach... Here, we're talking about a very different style that allows you to assert your style and not to go unnoticed!

A round beach towel is perfect to have more space. Their large size allows you to sit on your towel without even a grain of sand encroaching on your territory... And that's hot! Most of our models are 2 meters in diameter, so it's perfect to finally have your own private space this summer. And by displaying your skull, take our word for it, no one will come looking for trouble... ❌

For the hardcore gamers who would rather spend their vacation gaming than going to the sea, we have skull mouse pads that will go perfectly with the gothic decoration of your room.