Skull Bottles

Skull Bottles

Our Skull-shaped Bottles

Your life lacks charm and intensity when you invite your friends for a good drink? We have your solution to make these moments truly special! Thanks to our glasses and skull bottles, nothing will be the same. Invite your friends to your place, ask them to sit on your sofa near your coffee table, and get out the heavy artillery in a few seconds. You're sure to absolutely impress everyone... 🧊

We are not talking about simple decorative objects, here we are talking about living a unique experience and strong sensations! Strong yes, because your Whisky will undoubtedly not have the same flavor when it slips out of the glass of one of our skull bottles and that, you will appreciate. Your bar isn't your average bar with the classic round bottle. You breathe spirituality and enjoy life with the skulls showing you the way to eternal life.

Your Whiskey In A Skull

How can you not fall under the spell of Whisky when you look at it through a glass bottle in the shape of a human skull? Pirate culture is just a few clicks away thanks to our online store. Just add your favorite model to your cart, check out and patiently wait for your package to arrive at your home for a unique experience. 👌

We highly recommend getting skull shot glasses with your bottle to make a set that looks like the devil himself. Put it all on the table and all you have to do is collect the compliments of your guests. You're sure to please every time you use it, and your alcohol itself will seem to say thank you! It is the secret of great men to be surrounded by accessories that affirm their personality traits, so do the same and join the clan of the powerful!

Our Complete Sets Of Crystal Skulls

We don't only offer simple bottles! Discover also the ready-to-use sets, ideal for a great decoration in your living room and in the place where you like to enjoy your drink with your friends. A stand, a bottle, glasses, you have all the kit to please yourself and be the king of the aperitif every time you show it off! So don't hesitate for a second and adopt yours today, the grim reaper himself will be proud of you and the style of your bar! 😵

Either skull bottle tequila or skull bottle vodka you will find what you search for.

In the same style but more pleasant for breakfasts with your tea or your coffee, we suggest you to come and take a look at our skulls mug skulls which will make you the darkest person on earth. Don't wait a moment longer!