Skull Face Masks


Are you looking for the perfect costume for Halloween or simply for a costume party? Don't hesitate any longer and let yourself be tempted by one of our skull masks. And if you're looking for a hot street style to protect you from the Covid, we've got just the thing for you young rebel.


Choose the skull mask that best suits your personality before you start playing crazy and unforgettable airsoft or paintball games! Experience adrenaline-filled moments and surprise your opponents or friends with your amazingly realistic skull face mask... It is the essential accessory for all men who want to have a face that looks like it comes from hell.

We offer a wide range of fabric masks to fulfill your wildest desires. Our designers have met several times to present you this very special collection. Our items come in adult sizes but can also fit the most terrifying children on earth. Hang on and show the rest of the world your true personality.


This type of mask is not for everyone. It's not for heart patients, it's not for fragile men. We're talking about those who dream of total freedom, who don't care about how others look at them, and if you're reading these lines, it's without a doubt that you're one of the darkest souls the earth has ever known... 😵

So take the step towards one of them and finally become the free spirit you wish to be. You don't care how others look at you and we understand you! That's why wearing a terrifying mask doesn't scare you. Adopt one of our models and proudly show off a cold smile to everyone you meet.


Our masks protect you in a totally crazy way... Why to wear a totally ordinary and unattractive accessory when you can adopt an extraordinary style with a few clicks? So go ahead, choose the one you think is the most terrible, add it to your cart, check out from hell and wait for your package patiently on your couch. Maybe the grim reaper will come and deliver it to you himself...

The vast majority of our goggles are made of cotton and polyester. This gives you optimal comfort the whole time you put it on your face. They are all washable and reusable, so much better than a simple blue paper... You now have all the cards in your hand to become the most stylish person in town and to make your enemies back off at the slightest glance. It's up to you!

You can pair this with a great skull patch to complete your gothic look with some very unique and wild accessories.