Dark Christmas - iPhone® Tough Case

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Unwrap the spirit of a Dark Christmas with our unique Dark Christmas Gift Boxes Tough Case for iPhone.

Embrace the enchanting design, enjoy dual-layer protection, precise ports, and MagSafe compatibility.

  • Material: Crafted from a durable Polycarbonate outer shell for rugged durability, paired with a Thermoplastic inner liner for added strength.
  • Impact Resistant: Feel secure with dual-layer protection that safeguards your iPhone against unexpected drops and impacts.
  • Precisely Aligned Ports: Stay connected effortlessly, with easy access to all your device's ports and buttons, no case removal required.
  • MagSafe Induction Charging Compatible: Keep your iPhone charged in style with MagSafe technology while maintaining its protection.
  • Unique Design: Dive into the enchanting world of Dark Christmas Gift Boxes, adding a touch of magical mystery to your device. Unleash the holiday spirit while keeping your iPhone safe and stylish!